Thursday, May 17

Impact of Changes to the Status of Women: FEWO Report

The Committee has heard from a broad perspective of women in Canada and brought forth their voices. The final words are perhaps best left to one of the witnesses who appeared:

Well, I know many women's groups have rallied in order to show their displeasure. There have been many briefs written. I guess at this point it's time for those who make the policies to have the opportunity to perhaps reconsider. Sometimes the right thing to do is to reconsider.(34 Ibid. February 14, 2007)


Based on its meetings with witnesses and the briefs received on the funding and program changes at Status of Women Canada, the Standing Committee on the Status of Women recommends:

  • That Status of Women Canada reverse its decision to close the twelve regional offices of Status of Women Canada;
  • That Status of Women Canada maintain its Policy Research Fund to fund independent policy research;
  • That Status of Women Canada reinstate the goal of equality in the mandate of the Women’s Program;
  • That Status of Women Canada remove limitations on funding for research and advocacy activities in the revised terms and conditions of the Women’s Program; and
  • That funding through the Women’s Program be made available only to non-profit organizations.

    LINK: Conservative Party of Canada Dissenting Opinion - Joy Smith
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