Monday, May 14

Quebec groups join their voices to denounce the chronic under-funding of Aboriginal women's shelters

The women's shelters in the Aboriginal communities receive less than one-third of the funding that the other sheltersin Quebec receive. "This situation can be described only as discriminatory,unjust and unacceptable," said Ellen Gabriel, president of Quebec Native Women(QNW), at the launch today of an awareness campaign to build support for the Aboriginal women's shelters. Also attending the launch were several of QNW's Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal partners.

QNW and its partner organizations denounce the difficult situation facing the five shelters located in Aboriginal communities. Several studies have shown that the resources available for Aboriginal women who are victims of domestic violence and for their children come far short of meeting their needs. The shelters are also no longer able to keep up with the demand for their services. They require more adequate financial support to hire new resources, provide specialized support services and assist a greater number of victims. The funding that the shelters were granted upon their inception in 1995 has not increased since that time and no longer meets their needs.

LINK: Quebec Native Women press release

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