Tuesday, May 1

Quality child care: there ought to be a law

"Canada’s history is shameful on child care. Underfunding and foot-dragging has left us dead last among industrialized countries. Bill C-303 is a chance for us as a country to make history by cementing a framework for excellence," says Jamie Kass, chair of CUPE’s national child care working group.

Kass and Ottawa child care worker Shellie Bird presented a brief to the parliamentary committee examining the Early Learning and Child Care Act.

There needs to be a law entrenching a cross-Canada child care system, ensuring it can’t be cancelled by press conference, as Stephen Harper did to our emerging child care system the moment he’d been sworn in," says Kass. CUPE is clear that legislation alone won’t make the grade, and is calling for the increased federal funding it will take to achieve C-303’s goal of high-quality care.


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