Saturday, May 12

SWC Funds for Low-Income Women in Saint John

Funding of$200,000 was given to the Saint John chapter of the Urban Core Support Network.

This funding will support the Neighbourhood Leadership Training Program which will improve the economic security of 100 low-income women.

The Saint John chapter of the Urban Core Support Network is an organization founded in 1994 promoting change through education,inclusiveness, creating opportunities and social action to achieve a socially just community. Like the national Urban Core Support Network, the Saint John chapter represents people living in poverty, mostly women and their children.

Brenda Murphy (pictured above), Coordinator of the Saint John chapter of the Urban CoreSupport Network, said, "The Neighbourhood Leadership Training Program willwelcome the existing strengths of each woman while actively supporting thedevelopment of skills associated with economic security, communityparticipation and leadership."

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