Friday, May 11

Coalition calls for more pay equity action in N.B.

Supporters of mandatory pay equity in New Brunswick are disappointed with the government's first progress report on the issue.

The Coalition for Pay Equity says the Liberal government has shown no interest in passing a law forcing employers to pay women equal wages.

The new report says promotional websites, conferences and awareness campaigns will be used to encourage employers to close the wage gap between women and men. The goal is to close the gap to 10 per cent within three years.

"The wage gap progress report highlights the significant amount of work completed or started to date on all of the causes and contributors to the wage gap in our province," said Status of Women Minister Carmel Robichaud on Wednesday.

Marilyn McCormack, a member of the coalition, says Robichaud's comments sound all too familiar.

"Basically they're just going in the same direction as the Conservative government," McCormack said. "Voluntary measures for the five years."

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