Wednesday, May 23

Why do men have 80% of the seats in the House? Do the math...

Raylene Lang-Dion sighs deeply, her exhalation sounding like one part regret and two parts frustration.

“Other countries seem to just get it,” she says, “while Canada is slipping further and further behind.”

What other countries “get” is the democratic importance of women. What other countries in increasing numbers are recognizing is that the number of elected women in legislatures should reasonably reflect the proportion of women in society. On the world stage, Canada fluctuates among different positions — 44th, 46th, 47th — on the list of countries with elected female representation, lagging far behind such nations as Rwanda, all the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands.

That appalls Lang-Dion, who earned her Master’s degree in the field of women and politics. Dedicated Canadian and dedicated feminist, she is also a dedicated campaigner for increased female presence in the decision-making halls of this country.

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