Wednesday, May 16

Minister Oda to Face Grilling at Committee of the Whole

Conservative Heritage and Status of Women Minister Bev Oda will be forced to explain the ethically-challenged management of her office before a special parliamentary committee tonight, Liberal Critics Tina Keeper and Maria Minna said today.

Whether it comes to advocating for Canadian culture, the court challenges program or the rights of Canadian women, it's clear that Minister Oda is asleep at the switch," Liberal Heritage Critic Tina Keeper said. "She has let her Cabinet colleagues gut the department she runs without so much as a wimper of protest

Minister Oda will be asked to respond to these and many other failings tonight, when she appears a House of Commons Committee of the Whole. The question and answer session gets underway at about 6:30 and is expected to last at least four hours.

Canadians have a right to know how this minister allowed this mean spirited, ideologically-driven government to cut the funding for important programs for women, Aboriginals and cultural groups," said Status of Women Critic Maria Minna. I also wonder if Ms. Oda was a bystander in all this, or an active participant.

Minister Oda will also be questioned about her extravagant use of limousines on official business, her lack of accountability and for receiving campaign donations from organizations with direct links to her ministry.

Liberal Members are ready to hold this Minister to account for her abdication of responsibility, said Ms. Keeper. "Whether it's at the cabinet table or in her ministerial office, this Minister is not getting the job done for Canadians

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