Saturday, May 12

Doris, Ms Chatelaine and bubble-gum pink gowns?

A month after Canadian feminist icon and former Chatelaine editor Doris Anderson died, the magazine she headed for 20 years featured a photo of up-and-coming Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla in its April edition under the heading "Ms. Chatelaine: A woman of style and substance."

Encouraging women to enter Canadian politics was one of Anderson's passions. Equal Voice, an organization dedicated to getting more women elected in Canada has even set up the Doris Anderson Fund in her memory, "to be used for Doris's most passionate cause -- achieving electoral reforms that will help more Canadian women gain political office."

So putting a spotlight on Dhalla -- who is not only the youngest woman but the first Sikh woman elected to Parliament -- a month after Anderson's death seemed like suitable timing.

Except for one thing: For the photo shoot the 33-year-old Liberal critic for social development was dressed in a pink ballgown. A very low-cut, bubble-gum pink ballgown. In fact, from the angle chosen for the shot, Dhalla looked like she was on the brink of wardrobe malfunction.

Link: Entire article at Regina Leader Post

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Anonymous said...

I just heard Ruby speak in PEI yesterday and she is amazing. All 400 of us walked out inspired. Her passion, her energy, and her ability to inspire is truly unique. She is so humble and gracious despite her success. Her story is one that shows that anything in life is possible. She is a role model for so many young women...if there were more people like her in Parliament our country would be a better place.