Tuesday, May 29

Commercializing feminism and "Menaissance"

popolitics.com has picked up on a recent N-Post piece on the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences lamenting that, "American media refuses to acknowledge that there are experts in the field that can provide research-based answers to many of our questions. Instead, we rely on "pundits" who are experts at looking good and providing the catchy soundbite."

The reporter (Bernie) goes on to defend celebrity feminism, "Yes, these women are celebrities -- not "ordinary" people. But that's the point. The celebrities that everyone knows -- either admires or hates -- also happen to be feminists."

Bernie previously took the N-Post to task for "their well-intentioned but somewhat simplistic and reductive look at the "Menaissance" -- what they claimed in a series of related articles as the return of "guys being guys."

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