Friday, November 2

abyss2hope is hosting the Nov. 1, 2007 edition of the carnival against sexual violence and cites The Politics of Crying (which is posted at Feminists To The Rescue) Interesting to note how crying is perceived differently depending on who is crying and even how that person cries.

A project of the Women’s Livable Income Working Group c/o the Victoria Status of Women Action Group (SWAG) is now available online: "An Examination of How Women Would Benefit from a Guaranteed Livable Income". Note: As of Dec. 27 2006, SWAG no longer has an office, we are operating with volunteer labour and a storage locker.

Over 100 women from across the province were in Thunder Bay this weekend to discuss issues affecting Aboriginal women including the crippling cycle of poverty and violence.

The 25th Disability Blog Carnival is up at If the World Had Wheels.

Americans keep making less and spending more. That lifestyle is contributing to supersized debt and the decline of progressive politics. Whatever Happened to the Good Life?

He's Just Not That Into You author has sold more than three million copies, and the book earned the No. 1 slot on bestseller lists worldwide. The book's success inspired Behrendt to co-write a second: It's Called a Break-Up Because It's Broken

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