Thursday, November 1

Today marks the first day of Women Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario

Today marks the first day of Women Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario. Sadly, half of Canadian women will experience criminal violence by men in their homes, communities, workplaces or schools in their lifetime.

In the recent Conservative Throne Speech and economic statement, no money or programs were announced to reduce the violence that women face every day. In fact, the recent Conservative estimates show a $5 million cut from the Status of Women program – the only government organization mandated to monitor and advance equality for women in Canada.

New Democrats believe that ending violence against women should be made a priority. The NDP has released an action plan to bring fairness to women and part of that plan includes reducing violence against women. The NDP plan includes:

Guaranteeing access to justice: Without adequate legal representation, some women are losing custody of their children, giving up valid legal rights to financial support, and being victimized through litigation harassment. The NDP’s plan to ensure access to justice for women includes the re-instatement of the Court Challenges Program and the restoration of funding to legal aid.

Stopping violence against Aboriginal women: Young Aboriginal women are five times more likely to die from violence than other women in Canada. The NDP is committed to supporting programs initiated and directed by Aboriginal women that develop community-led solutions to ending violence. We are also committed to ending the 2% funding cap on social programming at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada that has left many women facing housing crises and without adequate supports in their communities.

Building more affordable housing: Too many women in our society remain trapped in abusive relationships, unable to protect themselves and their children because the resources – affordable housing, shelters, government support, employment insurance, counselling and protection – aren’t there. The NDP’s plan to end violence against women includes a re-investment in a National Affordable Housing program.

The plan is available in full at

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