Thursday, November 1

Manitoba has earmarked $2.6 M to fight domestic violence

The province is spending an extra $2.6 million over the next year to tackle domestic violence with an ad campaign, better security in womens’ shelters and a wage hike for the province’s 200 abuse counselors.

Family Services and Housing Minister Gord Mackintosh made the announcement this morning at an inner-city children’s centre to kick off Domestic Violence Prevention Month.

He said Manitoba for years had the highest rate of women killed by their partners. Now that rate in the lowest in western Canada.

“But the statistics are absolutely no consolation whatsoever to anyone impacted by the terrorism of domestic violence,” said Mackintosh.

Manitoba’s 10 womens’ shelters will share $1.5 million for new security features like cameras, intercoms, emergency evacuation systems and better computer security to protect client confidentiality.

And, about 200 staff at 33 community agencies will get a four per cent wage hike to help recruit and retain counselors and program experts. That will cost the province $860,000.

Cash will also be spent on programs to help kids living in abusive homes and for a public awareness campaign.

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