Wednesday, November 14

What happens when you stop trying? Gender Equality drops a few notches......

Since last year, Canada has slipped 4 spots to 18th place in the world in providing gender equality, according to the World Economic Forum annual study ranking 128 countries. Sweden topped the list (though Swedish women still earn 36% less than men doing similar work), then Norway, Finland, Iceland and New Zealand. “While no country has yet achieved gender equality, Sweden, Norway and Finland have all closed over 80% of the gender gap.”

The U.S. was 31st, down 8 places because the pay gap widened and the percentage of legislators, senior officials etc fell. Pakistan, Chad and Yemen were at the bottom. In all but 2 countries (Slovak Republic and Poland) there was a net improvement in scores since 2000 (since the first such annual study). 7 countries closed their gaps by over 10% of the values in 2000: Belgium, Costa Rica, Ireland, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden.

Perfect equality was a score of 1.0. Canada achieved 0.72, with almost perfect marks in education, health and survival, but 0.74 on economic participation /opportunity (labour force participation, wage equality between women and men for similar work, estimated female earned income over male value, female legislators, senior officials, manager, professional and technical workers) and 0.159 on political empowerment (women are 21% of MPs). Canadian women earn 28% less than men doing similar work.

”As published in NB Women’s News”.

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