Sunday, November 11

more on fairytales....

Once upon a Friday, fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes said feminist writers are crafting new tales to replace traditional children's bedtime stories.

Jack Zipes presented his talk, "And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After: The Feminist Fairy Tale and Its Consequences" in the Winship Drama Building.

The feminist movement made its way into fairy tale writing between 1979 and 1983, Zipes said. He said that during this period, male and female writers began an important dialogue about what constituted a fairy tale. As a reaction to sexist, racist and classist leanings of canonical tales, feminist writers began to subvert the older stories and create new ones, Zipes said.

LINK:Feminist writers remake the fairy tale.

Fairy tale scholar Vladimir Propp identified over 30 different constants in the fairy tale structure. Jack Zipes summarizes these constants in his book, "Creative Storytelling: Building Community, Changing Lives"

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