Wednesday, November 14

Olivia's Adventures in The Land Of Pay Equity

The NB Coalition for Pay Equity has a popular new fairytale PowerPoint show being emailed around ("If you break the chain, you’ll be upholding injustice!”), Olivia’s Adventures In the Land of Pay Inequity. Olivia came to a far away land called New Brunswick to find work. She meets Suzanne, a childcare educator, and learns that Suzanne earns $8.20/hr. Olivia is stunned, especially when she also learns that a store clerk for NB Liquor earns $16.24. When she is told the only thing for these women to do is to find better paying jobs, she wisely replies, “But who’s going to take care of the children if all the educators quit?” Olivia returned to her country shortly after.

”As published in NB Women’s News”
LINK: View PowerPoint

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