Thursday, November 15

Northern women’s homelessness shames Canada

Reports of homeless women having to sleep with rotting garbage in order to keep warm during Arctic winters shames Canada, and immediate action must be taken, four NDP MPs said today.

On November 14th, a report called “You Just Blink and It Can Happen: A Study of Women's Homelessness North of 60” details realities of homeless women or women at risk of becoming homeless living in Canada’s Northern Territories. For the report, women from the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut shared their stories and insights, and called for action to end what is clearly an intolerable situation.

"The revelations in this report are difficult to take,” said NDP Northern Development Critic, Dennis Bevington (Western Arctic). “They clearly show the need for action on providing more affordable housing in the North. Unfortunately, Stephen Harper believes tax breaks to big business, announced in the recent mini-budget, are more important than addressing the social problems suffered by Northern women.”

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