Thursday, November 15

Women and Ontarioins are twits, says Sun columnist?

In a Sun Media column by Greg Weston on the recent SES poll results Weston decides to lash-out. The numbers were: Harper is well out in front at 37 per cent, Layton 17 per cent, Dion 13 per cent with the horserace numbers showing a virtual tie, at Cons 35 per cent, Libs 34 per cent, NDP 17 per cent.

Poor Greg is confused. What to do Greg? First target?

Women, who are more likely to vote Liberal:
If it were up to Canadian women, the Liberals would form a minority government and Dion would be the next prime minister.
BCer writes: "Go figure. Yeah Greg, women, tell me about it. But did you ever consider, perhaps the problem isn’t with women, but that the Conservatives haven’t been speaking to issues of importance to women? Nah, that can’t be it. It’s the women’s fault."

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