Friday, November 16

Action Needed in support of Jordan's Principle

On November 7 - F-email Fightback posted about Jordan's Principle - an anonymous poster provided the update below:

Please note that a private members motion in support of Jordan's Principle is expected to pass unanimously through the House of Commons on December 12, 2007.

This motion, although encouraging, does not bind the federal government to implement Jordan's Principle and sadly none of the provinces and territories have made any substantial moves to adopt and implement Jordan's Principle.

Your help is urgently needed - please do send letters to the Ministers of Health (Provincial and federal) and take a moment to go on line to sign the joint declaration in support of Jordan's Principle at - individuals and organizations can register

Canadian Medical Association Journal Editorial supports Jordan's Principle - Read the Editorial Online

Five Ways to Make a Difference:
  1. Register your individual or organizational support for Jordan's Principle which is a child first principle to resolving inter governmental jurisdictional disputes.
  2. Help reshape the child welfare system so that it better supports Aboriginal children, youth and families by endorsing the Reconciliation in Child Welfare: Touchstones of hope for Indigenous children and youth.
  3. Join Amnesty International Canada in putting an end to inequitable child welfare funding for First Nations children
  4. Join us in supporting the Many Hands One Dream principles to guide improvements to Aboriginal health care resulting in healthier Aboriginal children and young people.
  5. Learn how to respectfully engage young people in your organization's work by registering your support for the Declaration of Accountability on the Ethical Engagement of Young People and Adults in Canadian Organizations.

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