Sunday, November 4

Colorful book pokes fun at 'Problems Men Started'

Nikki Hardin doesn't hate men, but she does despise some of their more diabolical creations.

In "PMS: Problems Men Started," Hardin and co-author Caitilin McPhillips offer a hilarious, light-hearted look at dozens of male "inventions," : Trophy Wives, Car Alarms, The Speedo, Prenups, Goatees, Strip Malls, Strip Clubs, Fluorescent Lighting, Fast Food, Super-sizing, Locker Room Interviews, Trump Tower, Assault Weapons, Golf, Breakup E-mails, Scientology, Cybersex, Fox News, Sidewalk Spitting, “Novelty” Condoms, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Wet T-shirt Contests, Car Commercials, Billboards, CD Packaging, Watergate, Tanning Beds, The Atkins Diet, Office Cubicles, Mail-in Rebates, Doppler Radar, among other things.. They also frown on silicone implants, booty calls and "Girls Gone Wild."

The book features eye-popping graphic design and a hard-core feminist philosophy tempered by girlfriend-to-girlfriend style humor.

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