Tuesday, November 6

Workplace health and safety review must consider women's needs.

Women are workers too — almost half of the New Brunswick workforce in fact — but you wouldn't know it from reading the discussion papers just released by New Brunswick's Independent Review Panel on the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation System.

You won't find any mention of differences between women and men in coverage, claims and benefits, the appeals system or governance. None of the data is broken down by sex.

It is not a surprise — most of the slew of recent provincial government inquiries have proceeded as if gender didn't exist or matter — but it's a disappointment nonetheless. Evidently, no direction is being given by the government to examine gender breakdown, to give a thought to different realities of women and men — to consider diversity or equality.

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jessica22 said...

I agree, women need to regain control for their health. People really need to fight for their rights when it comes to healthcare. I am currently working to support AARP which is trying to make sure our voices are heard by getting congress to give more power to the patients when it comes to Medicare. You can sign their petition on their website http:///www.thisissoridiculous.com

jessica22 said...

Correction that website is http://www.thisissoridiculous.com
Go now and sign their petition to help reform Medicare!