Monday, November 12

News Round-up

Forty per cent of recent Canadian homicides involve violence by family members or lovers. But the federal government seems more interested in addressing gang violence, reports Kate Jaimet.

Bev Oda at the Montreal Millennium Summit says: "Canada takes its responsibilities to children very seriously." Well then, perhaps you could explain why a 2005 UNICEF study on child poverty in rich countries ranked Canada only 19th out of 26. ?

Governor General Michaëlle Jean has a blog, and she particularly tags some of her posts as pertaining to women. Check it out at: .

The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity says the Liberal government should introduce legislation to ensure women are paid the same as men for work of equal value.

Sweden is pretty progressive, they even have a Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK). So how is it then that Sweden's new female equality ombudsman will be paid less than male predecessor? Anne-Marie Bergström's annual wage falls some 17 percent short of the pay package awarded to Claes Borgström for the same job. Huh?

Graphic Link: 2007 Purple Ribbon Campaign

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