Tuesday, November 6

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Children whose mothers did not graduate from high school are less likely to develop physical aggression if they start daycare before they are nine months old, new research has found.

Raising children.....it's tough......From day one, you've got to fight Disney and the Winnie the Pooh. So You Think You Can Raise a Brand-Free Kid?

Yay, we’re winning the war on poverty, says Margaret Wente. Her recent column is based around the fact that the poverty rate has fallen in recent years. Wente uses this to go on a latte-fuelled SUV romp over the bodies of people who work with (and give a shit about) the poorest in our society. Margaret Wente is full of toxic sludge

.....and I guess Wente didn't read this: The Poverty Reduction Strategy Coalition of Nova Scotia has released a new document: Framework for a Poverty Reduction Strategy for Nova Scotia. It is now available online through the Community Action on Homelessness Website.

CD Howe and Wente oughta read Poverty in a land of plenty

In conjunction with National Media Education Week, Media Action (formerly MediaWatch) has released an EKOS research study looking at young women's responses to dominant media portrayals. Young women in several Canadian cities expressed almost universal frustration with pervasive images of female bodies, and the disproportionate media attention paid to women as sex objects and those who mess up.

Studies by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Women in Technology (CATA WIT) Forum and the Telfer School examined gender imbalances in the industry. ...and....guess what?
Women are STILL under-represented in advanced tech sector

The whole idea of the free-market is that the relentless pursuit of self-interest leads people to do greedy things that ultimately benefit all of us. That’s what makes it so humorous to see that appeals to voluntarism have become one of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s major policy

And if Flaherty's appeals interest you....so might this...The idea of corporations as the conscience of society requires a huge adjustment.

Malalai Joya, 28, was the youngest member of the Afghan Parliament and she's on tour in Canada. Last month, Gina Whitfield previewed Joya's speaking tour across Canada, and she follows that up with this interview conducted after a week of events across British Columbia. Another recent interview with Joya, on Redeye of the RPN, can be listened to here.

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