Friday, March 30

The biggest child care cut in Canadian history...

Parents, child care workers and advocates joined together on a major Ottawa bridge this morning to protest the biggest child care cut in Canadian history - a cut that makes an already bad situation worse for families in the nation's capital.

"On April 1st Stephen Harper is introducing the biggest child care cut in Canadian history. This is money that Canadians were counting on. So, too, werethe provinces. The cut is going to have devastating consequences for parentsand children who are already in desperate need of affordable quality childcare services," says Ottawa resident Morna Ballantyne, coordinator of the CodeBlue for Child Care campaign.

Advocates rallied on the Portage Bridge to draw attention to a $1 billion dollar cut they say Stephen Harper is trying to hide from Canadians. In last week's budget, the Conservative government claimed it was investing more than $5 billion in early learning and child care.

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