Friday, March 9

Nunavut - Handouts less than meets the eye?

A set of funding announcements made in late February by Bev Oda, the heritage minister, and Jim Prentice, the northern affairs minister, may be less than meets the eye.

Oda and Prentice called a press conference in late February to announce $842,401 in for aboriginal organizations, including two Inuit associations.

That announcement included $447,907 for Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, most of it to pay for day-to-day operations and annual general assembly. ITK relies heavily on that kind of year-to-year funding to pay for its 44-person office in Ottawa.

But Bernadette Dean, the head of the KIA's social development department, said her organization is actually getting 30 per cent less than last year.

"They're trying to make themselves look good," Dean told Nunatsiaq News.

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Anonymous said...

I've also heard that the funding was for the fiscal year 2006/2007. Yes, THIS year's funding, only one month before the end of the fiscal year.

The Conservatives can't seem to get things done at all.