Thursday, March 29

Demo In Support Of Women's Rights - Hamilton - March 30

Friday, March 30th, 2007; 10:30 am; 55 Bay St. N. ; Hamilton (in front of the federal government building)

Send Harper’s government a message: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Across the country, women are responding to a series of bad decisions by the Harper government which, if not reversed, will set women's equality back twenty years:
• cutting funding to Status of Women Canada
• closing 12 out of 16 regional Status of Women offices and cutting 61 out of 131 jobs.
• eliminating Status of Women's independent policy research
• eliminating "equality" from the mandate of Status of Women Canada
• changing the rules so that women's groups which do research or advocate for equality are no longer eligible for federal financial support
• cancelling federal provincial child care agreements
• eliminating funding to the Court Challenges Program, the process for addressing equality rights under the Charter
• refusing to implement proactive pay equity law

Bring your voices & your friends! Bring banners, signs, flags and noisemakers!

Contact The Woman Abuse Working Group for more information: c/o SACHA at 905-525-4573

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