Friday, March 16

Budget: Women’s Equality and the Fiscal Imbalance

“Women stand to lose or gain significantly in the upcoming budget,” said Shelagh Day, FAFIA’s Co-Chair.

Canadian governments – federal, provincial and territorial – are currently arguing about whether there is a fiscal imbalance, and how to solve it. Recently, radical solutions have been proposed. Because these solutions will affect how social programs are provided in Canada, they need women’s attention.

This document elaborates on how increased federal transfers to the provinces and territories represent a real opportunity for Canada to better comply with its human rights obligations to women, but only if governments agree to develop common standards and designate monies for programs and services on which women heavily rely. It also de-mystifies some of the terms of the current debate and articulates what, in our view, is at stake for women in this discussion.

LINK: Women’s Equality and the Fiscal Imbalance
LINK: Deliver A Federal Budget that Benefits Women
LINKS: CCPA - Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives

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