Saturday, March 10

Women's Rights - an excuse for the occupation of Afghanistan ?

Blogger Red Jenny writes:"The display of concern for women's rights by the White House, and by our own government is cynical and insincere. This is painfully obvious because they do everything they can to set back the women's movement at home. But they have no problem USING the women of Afghanistan when it serves their purpose" writes that:"Certainly Harper's claims of championing the rights of burqa-clad women have helped him sell that unpopular war to Canadians."

Red Jenny concludes:"To support women in Afghanistan means recognizing their real needs: short term and long term. Ideally, we'd ask them what they want instead of imposing it. My guess is they need peace first. They also need a rebuilt infrastructure and economy, and support for the courageous women and their indigenous women's movements."

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Hey thanks for the link.

I like your blog. Am adding it to my daily reads. :)