Thursday, March 8

Oda fails Canadian women, again

LONDON – Today on the eve of International Women’s Day, Minister Oda failed to listen to ordinary Canadians. Minister Oda’s reallocation of funds to Status of Women Canada’s Women’s Program is out of step with what women have asked.

“I have heard from hundreds of women’s groups from across Canada,” said Irene Mathyssen, NDP critic for the Status of Women. “All of these groups had 3 specific demands: cancel the closure of the regional offices; reinstate the Policy Research Fund; and reverse the restrictive funding restrictions from Status of Women Canada’s Women’s Program.”

In September 2006, the Conservative government cut $5 million from Status of Women Canada. After much criticism the government has now decided to reinvest money back into Status of Women Canada, but on their own terms.

“Minister Oda needs to listen to what women have been saying. Many non-profit organizations will not even be able access the reinvested money because of the restrictive funding guidelines,” said Mathyssen. “This announcement is insulting.”

“The Conservatives are trying to silence Canadian women,” said Mathyssen. “We are moving backwards rather than forwards. Instead of promoting women’s equality in Canada, the Conservative government is abandoning its obligation to 52% of the population.”


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