Friday, March 23

Quote Worth Revisiting?

...... In the optimistic afterglow of Expo 67, Canada enjoyed a level of national self-confidence it has yet to recapture. The spectre of Quebec separation did not go away (indeed, separatism reached a militant peak in this period), but even that was unable to take away our broader confidence that Canada had a legitimate and indisputable place in the world. It seems not coincidental then, that the early seventies brought several breakthroughs in the enfranchisement of women and minorities: Pierre Trudeau's famous 1967 statement that the state had "no place in the bedrooms of the nation", the 1970 Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the 1971 Multiculturalism Act. Those were heady days when Canada was building something, instead of just protecting, defending or dismantling.....

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