Saturday, March 10

A fairer way to fund child care?

Karine Boissonneault and Pascal Drouin, parents of four children under age 10, would use Mario Dumont's proposed subsidy of $5,200 per year per child to buy diapers, they told the CBC.

That is possibly not what the leader of Action democratique had in mind with his proposal. But that's freedom of choice in action. Let parents spend a subsidy as they want on their children and they might not choose daycare.

Subsidized $5-a-day daycare, launched in 1997 and later raised to $7-a-day, has proved one of the most popular measures ever introduced in Quebec - for those families lucky enough to land a place. And no wonder. The real cost of the service is about $39 per child per day. Picking up the $32 parents don't pay will cost the government of Quebec roughly $1.5 billion this year.

LINK: Montreal Gazette
LINK: Code Blue For Child Care

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