Friday, March 30

Little Coyote - Cooking Up A Revolution

Dear Bev Oda,

In hopes of being a good "round the kitchen" kinda woman. I've decided to share one of my favourite recipes with you. This recipe has been around for hundreds of years but was only just recently passed along to me.

Recipe for a Revolution Ingredients:
1 part cutting "equality" from the Status of Women mandate
1 part creative feminist justice
1 part demanding justice
1 part persistence
heaping spoonful of anger and frustration
pinch of sarcasm and humour
Blend ingredients together. Allow to simmer for years on end. Expose mixture to horrific violence, rape, abuse, poverty, pay inequity, lack of child care and other injustices. No need to stir -- it will come to a rigorous boil very quickly. Should this recipe not result in direct change, contact (613) 992-2792 to share your concerns.

With Anger,

------Status of Women was closed today thanks to Harper's cuts.The Radical Cheerleaders, Alexa McDonough, and a number of other angry males and females met outside of the Status of Women office today to voice their concerns! See it on Canada's Best: CBC.Three cheers for cooking up a revolution.

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Anonymous said...

wow!! that's the recipe card that i wrote for our protest in halifax. . .good to see others are going to cook up some revolution, too.

in solidarity,
jen crawford