Wednesday, March 28

Six recommendations for the Canadian Government from Yukon Status of Women

Charlotte Hrenchuk:

  • The first recommendation is to return the word “equality” to the Status of Women Canada's mandate.
  • The second is to establish a northern Status of Women Canada office in one of the three territories. This would be a more effective and efficient use of tax dollars. It is not effective to attempt to serve a huge geographic area from one southern office that will be stretched beyond capacity.
  • The third is to re-establish funding for the independent research fund program.
  • The fourth is to restore funding to the women's program for advocacy activities.
  • The fifth is to allow non-profit advocacy organizations to obtain a charitable number.
  • The sixth is to restrict women's program funding to not-for-profit groups. It's just mind-boggling to me how a small organization like mine or Brenda Murphy's can compete with for-profit organizations that have their own economic resources, whereas we have volunteers and that's about it.

LINK: Yukon Status Of Women Council

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