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On March 17th say NO to war and YES to peace and justice.

Deborah Bourque, the president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, speaks at the World Peace forum 2006 View the video here: 8 minutes - Windows Media video Broadband/LAN

On March 17, 2007, demonstrations will take place in most provinces and territories against Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan. CUPW members are encouraged to attend.
CUPW members may ask themselves why the union is getting involved in something so far away. Members may say there are more pressing issues.

CUPW’s involvement in the anti-war movement does not take away from our actions in other areas. In fact, our participation strengthens all of our work because we are able to make allies with community organizations who can support us in our struggles.

While the war in Afghanistan is thousands of miles away, it has direct and real effects on CUPW members.

The Harper Government is wasting our precious financial resources by having a Canadian military presence in Afghanistan. That money could be used to provide better healthcare, better social services and infrastructure, better education programs or real international support and aid.

Supporting the war in Afghanistan is one of the central policies of the Harper Government. This is the same government that opposes anti-scab legislation, has slashed the national childcare program and is undermining women’s equality. If we can force Harper to back down about Afghanistan, then we are in a stronger position to force him to back down from his other policies.
The war in Afghanistan is largely about gaining access to their oil and markets but it is about privatizing their services too. This is the same issue facing CUPW members. Recently, the C.D. Howe Institute, a right-wing think tank favoured by the Harper Government, produced a report calling for the privatization of Canada Post. By standing up against privatization in Afghanistan we are standing up against the privatization of Canada Post.

It is working people like us who are sent to fight in Afghanistan. And it is members of our families, people from our communities and our co-workers who are injured or killed there.

On March 17th say NO to war and YES to peace and justice.

Find out about and attend demonstrations in your community.
For more information about events in your community, visit
In solidarity,
Deborah BourqueNational President
LINK: Code Pink

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