Tuesday, March 13

End Parliament's shameful gender gap

Doris Anderson must be smiling down from on high. Only a few days after her passing, key Canadian women have launched a cross-party movement to close the gender gap in the upcoming federal election.

International Women's Day provided the perfect backdrop for a Canada Challenge to elect more women to the House of Commons.

Spearheaded by national lobby group Equal Voice, the challenge rallied a former prime minister, former ministers and former party leaders. Right honourable Kim Campbell, Senator Pat Carney, Liberal stalwart Judy Erola and former New Democratic Party leader Audrey McLaughlin were among the high-profile Canadians pushing every political party to increase the number of women in their ranks.

Our country stands 47th in the world when it comes to electing women to our national Parliament.

LINK: Equal Voice - Online course practical tools for women interested in running for office
LINK: Read the rest of the article at Edmonton Sun

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Mark Greenan said...

But what women really need to improve their parliamentary representation is a good dose of fair voting - http://www.fairvotecanada.org.