Saturday, March 10

Oda a no show on International Women's Day

The members of the Public ServiceAlliance of Canada (PSAC) who spent International Women's Day in Status ofWomen Minister Bev Oda's constituency office say it was a day well spent.

"Since Minister Oda didn't ask us to celebrate International Women's Daywith her, we decided to invite ourselves," says PSAC Regional ExecutiveVice-President for Ontario Gerry Halabecki, one of the members installed inthe office. "We felt she needed to hear first hand how the Harper governmentis failing women."

"In the short term, we asked for a meeting with the Minister," saysHalabecki. "We wanted to give her an opportunity to meet with PSAC members whohave been providing service through the Status of Women Canada offices, andother women in the community, to outline what we believe needs to be done toadvance women's equality.

Unfortunately, Minister Oda seems reluctant to meetwomen who don't share her government's opinions about the state of women'sequality in this country." In the long term, the Harper government needs to stop the backwards trendand take progressive steps according to PSAC Regional Vice-President RobynBenson, the union's officer responsible for women's rights.

LINK: PSAC Press Release

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