Friday, March 9

Women's Day in Cuba, Bread and Roses Too

In Cuba too, the day followed the 1959 revolution and the socialist government's recognition that women were subject to different forms of oppression based on race, sex and class. To create "a real culture of equality," Cuba put its National Development Strategy into practice by calling for "economic and social programs to create and develop economic, political, ideological, legal, educational, cultural and social bases to guarantee equality of rights, opportunities and possibilities for women and men, transforming the conditions of discrimination and subordination under which Cuban women had lived for centuries, and promoting the elimination of traditional stereotypes and a new concept of women's role in society and in the family".

It has worked. The progress of Cuban women within Cuba's social revolutionary project is beyond question. Cuba makes it a priority to incorporate women into high levels of active work and insure they are able to develop and use their abilities. A special function of the Labor and Social Security Ministry is to offer women administrative responsibilities and guarantee them adequate conditions for work.

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