Wednesday, March 28

Barbie. Whore. Baby. Bitch. Prostitute.

Calling women anything but equal in politics

Just another day at work for some women, including some female politicians in Legislatures. Such comments are disparaging and sexist, no matter where they are said, at home, in the office or the Legislature.

Canadian men's White Ribbon campaign to end violence against women has an arresting poster that asks, "Did you ever notice that the worst thing you can call a man is a woman?"

Well, politicians haven't decided yet what is the worst thing you can call their female colleagues.

Female politicians are also called weathergirl, dipstick, slut. Anything but equals.

Go back in the kitchen where you came from. Stick to your knitting. Pour me another tequila, Sheila, and lay down and love me again.

Just so many colourful ways used to say No Girls Allowed.

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