Thursday, March 8

Ending Impunity for Violence against First Nations Women and Girls

"This year's theme resonates loudly among First Nations since our women and children are more likely to be victims of violence than any other segment in Canadian society," said National Chief Phil Fontaine. "This is a direct result of the poverty and despair that grips so many of our communities."

Kathleen McHugh, chair of the Assembly of First Nation's Women's Council,said that too many First Nations women are daily victims of violence and racism. "Just this week, there is a national media story about a senior federal bureaucrat who circulated a racist e-mail denigrating First Nations women. This sort of behaviour is appalling."

Last month, the AFN Women's Council hosted an historic First Nations Women's Leaders Forum. On the final day, women leaders issued a powerful consensus statement, and together with the National Chief, participated in a memorial march for the dead and missing Aboriginal women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

LINK: The Assembly of First Nations is the national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada.

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