Saturday, March 24

Feminism 3.1: Briarpatch does gender

Our gender identities, in all their complicated incarnations, continue to limit the choices and opportunities of many of us. In the face of an ongoing ideological onslaught against equality for women and sexual minorities, Briarpatch throws gender in the blender—and whips up a challenging and thought-provoking blend of ideas and arguments for bending gender hierarchy till it breaks!

  • Why Feminism isn’t for Everybody by Becky Ellis. Will gender-based oppression end if we ask politely? Not bloody likely…
  • Feminism 3.1 by Audra Williams & friends. Does the third wave need an upgrade? A critical discussion of the culture of feminism.
  • Test Your F.Q. compiled by Dave Oswald Mitchell. Got a Y chromosome? Then this sexism self-exam is for you.
  • Yesterday’s Men by Bruce Wood. How can men work with men to end violence against women?

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