Tuesday, March 13

“Four cents in 14 years. That’s wrong!"

A different kind of celebration took place on the steps of the Legislative Building. Some of the women and men of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) rallied to show their support for equality in women’s pay.

In 1993, women were getting 67 cents to every dollar a man made, said Tom Graham, president of CUPE’s Saskatchewan chapter. Today, women make 71 cents to every dollar according to a Statistics Canada figure.

"Four cents in 14 years. That’s wrong. That’s inappropriate," he intoned. "The work they do is important. It’s very valuable to our society and they need to be compensated fairly."

Graham cited funding cuts to federal groups like the Status of Women and the Court Challenges Program as perpetuating inequality in Canada.

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April Reign said...

But there is so much you can do with four cents!

You can..um well no not that..you can..not that either...lets see...I've got it!

With four cents you can almost make a nickel!! See it isn't all bad!

Or you could become an Ontario politician and grant yourself a 25% pay increase while saying a similar increase for workers would collapse the economy.