Tuesday, March 6

IWD - increasing violence against women journalists

As the world prepares to celebrateInternational Women's Day for the 30th time on 8 March, Reporters WithoutBorders voiced concern today about an increase in violence against womenjournalists worldwide.

"More and more women journalists are the victims of murder, arrest,threats or intimidation," the press freedom organisation said. "This increaseis due to the fact that more and more women are working as journalists,holding riskier jobs in the media and doing investigative reporting likely toupset someone."

Reporters Without Borders added: "The most striking case is AnnaPolitkovskaya's recent murder in Moscow. This mother of two paid with her lifefor her opposition to the Russian government's policies in Chechnya. We paytribute to her and all the other women who go beyond the call of theirjournalistic duties to defend their right and the right of their fellowcitizens to free expression."

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